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High quality product with on-time delivery

We mold all products to AS9100 standards

Based and manufactured in the USA

Innovative Industries NW provides high quality, custom plastic injection molding manufacturing services.

We hold a gold standard rating with the aerospace industry. Our high standards, commitment to quality and on-time delivery no matter the size of the project guarantee our customers’ satisfaction.

A thriving Pacific Northwest business since 1947.

Now, under new ownership, Innovative Industries NW is dedicated to providing the same high-quality workmanship and service, with plans to expand and enhance our capabilities.

Our Process

Bringing your Idea to Life

We can help you get your design ready for production with our pre-production services.

Products often begin as a client’s idea which is then developed into a prototype.  We can help you to determine feasibility, weigh costs and benefits, identify risks and optimize solutions.  Our knowledgeable staff can work with you to assess and optimize your design and create a prototype or your final production mold in our shop or in that of a trusted supplier. 

Producing Your Products

Ready to run your parts? Our molding services are ready for you.

Our highly experienced staff rely on standardized processes that are tailored to fit your product’s needs.  Your production data can be quickly accessed through our sophisticated enterprise system which provides real-time access to inventories, purchasing, production planning, quality management, and performance metrics. 

Our manufacturing is done in the USA, protecting your intellectual property and avoiding transportation costs and delays.  We are AS9100:2016 certified to satisfy our many aerospace industry clients, and we bring that level of quality, expertise, and commitment to all of our customers.

Taking it to the Finish Line

What else is needed to finish your parts?  We offer a full range of post-production services to take you all the way through.

At Innovative Industries NW, we offer turnkey production support to complete your project.  Our highly experienced assembly team can support anything from light to complex assemblies and machining and can help streamline your process by packaging your products to prepare them for resale, allowing for one source of responsibility and accountability. 

Mold maintenance, modifications, and repair

We offer in-house tooling capabilities for the repair and maintenance of your big investment. 

Injection-molded plastic parts are remarkably affordable.  The significant expense is usually in the creation of the mold itself.  We can help you keep your mold in top condition and facilitate modifications as needed.


Trusted by customers

“Great manufacturing facility and very helpful

in all aspects of design and manufacture”


“We couldn’t be happier with our customer experience!

Doug has gone above and beyond in sourcing scarce material for our pew clips. Thank you for carrying on the business of making Doey’s Pew Clips.”

– Cathy Skraba, Cathy’s Wraps –

“Everything is great:

responses, customer service, quality.”

– Arnprior Aerospace, Inc. –

“Innovative Industries has great customer service and quality.

It is a pleasure to work with, as there are so many that are difficult.”

– Ontic Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. –

“Thanks for your help with injection molded parts

Our previous source no longer existed and we still have an ongoing requirement. Your Company quickly designed, made test and then made production parts quickly (before anticipated schedule) and at a competitive price. Thanks again for the great service!”

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